About ASDM

The Association of South Dakota Museums (ASDM) is an organization of museums and friends in service to the museum community in South Dakota since 1970.

To fulfill its mission, ASDM holds an annual meeting, publishes a quarterly newsletter along with technical information pamphlets and a South Dakota  Museum Directory, and organizes a series of workshops.

Membership in ASDM is based upon the Member organization's annual budget.

Membership rates are as follows:
  • Individual, $15;
  • Institutional I (below $25,000), $25;
  • Institutional II ($25,000-$75,000), $50;
  • Institutional III ($75,000-$150,000), $75;
  • Institutional IV (Above $150,000), $100.
For more information on membership, please go to our Membership Page.